About us


is a specialist producer of premium quality dry red table wines made from Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes grown near Yass, NSW. It was purchased by the present owners, Dr Dennis Hart and Ms Julian White, in 2003 and is a small, locally focussed business. Dennis, who has been a red wine enthusiast for all of his adult life, graduated with Distinction from Charles Sturt University in 1996 with a BAppSc(Wine Sci) and, after two previous careers as a naval officer and university academic, is now vineyard manager, winemaker and labourer. Julian, who has worked in project management, the film industry, CSIRO and education among other areas, and collected two Master degrees along the way, keeps every other aspect of the operation running smoothly.
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Our philosophy is that “Great wine is made in the vineyard” so we aim to grow absolutely the best grapes that we can, from which superb wine can then be made. This is not to say, of course, that winemaking is unimportant and in this respect we employ a combination of traditional and modern techniques to achieve the best possible results. For instance, we use traditional open fermentation with hand plunging (at least three to four times a day) of the fermenting grapes and then basket pressing but, in addition to barrels, we also use sophisticated modern “Flexcube” tanks and oak staves for maturing our wines.
“On the whole, we adopt a minimalist winemaking approach“
On the whole, we adopt a minimalist winemaking approach, intervening in the natural process only when necessary to protect wine quality. We believe, too, that great wine should not cost the earth, so we aim to price our wines such that they represent excellent value for money for those who purchase them as well as giving us fair return for our efforts in producing them. We are basically a two person operation, doing as much of the vineyard and winery work as we can ourselves.
To create wine of distinction requires passion with knowledge and skill to match, and the products of our efforts are testimony that we have both.